A greener home begins in the kitchen

A greener home begins in the kitchen

Humanity puts a great strain on the environment and our dependence on fossil fuels to create the lifestyle we are used to in the United States continues to grow. Environmental activists have talked about global climate change for decades and their message has finally made it normal and even affects national policies.

When we think of major concerns like the whole planet it can be hard to imagine how an individual can have an impact but the old way of thinking globally acting locally has never been more appropriate. You can actually make a difference in the world by making some simple changes in your home to reduce your negative impact on the world.

Buy organic

The American Organic Food Community has slowly built an alternative to several billion dollars to industrial agriculture over the past three decades. In addition to some of the track blades the usual brands also jump on the trolley because they recognize consumers' demand for organic options. You can now find organic products in most grocery stores. Keep in mind that there are organic options for almost every item in your pantry including staples like flour pasta and canned foods that can be produced without toxic pesticides.

Larger package less packaging

When possible buy bulk products to avoid plastic packaging that enters most foods. The latest trend towards 100calorie snack bags can be good for our waistlines but it can increase the pack of the same amount of product by 20 times. Instead it buys in bulk and repackages smaller quantities in reusable packaging. It also stops being an advantage for your wallet.


Many of the items used in the kitchen can be recycled and it's a natural place to rent your trash bin. Most cities easily accept cans bottles and paper products. Check your local recycling center for other packaging products such as plastic and Styrofoam. Keep your trash next to the trash bin and always consider which basket it belongs to before you throw it into the trash bin.

Use reusable products

From paper towels a staple in most kitchens paper towels paper slabs and other paperbased materials you can close the circuit of your recycling efforts by selecting products made from recycled products. All the papers you recycle recycle find their home in these products and they work as well as less environmentally friendly alternatives.

Green energy

Your appliances can use a significant amount of electricity so the next time you change them look for the Energy Star seal which means the device has been certified for low power consumption. Also look at your lighting if you have traditional incandescent lamps replace them with one of many energysaving options. As with many green choices you save both your wallet and the earth.

Shopping bag knowledgeable

How much plastic do you waste every year by using only handbags once? You can reuse free shopping bags that you receive from the grocery store for several years if you take care of them properly. In the case of shopping bags the options are many and the bags range from trendy to basic from canvas to recycled plastic or even in some cases vintage clothes that are transformed into stylish totes. Always keep 510 in your car and use more importantly.

If everybody in the United States only took one of these six steps the damage we do on our environment will decrease. So think about it what can you do today to have an impact on tomorrow?

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